11 Advanced Pushups To Challenge You… Push You… To Get You Stronger

I love tough… technical… pushups.

You can do so much to the pushup exercise to make it push you more and to teach your body how to work together.

So here are 11 advanced pushup variations you can play around with.

Click here for 11 beginner pushup variations.

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Each one will test your balance… your bracing… and your strength…

#1 – Pushup Pulses

Pushup Pulses
Pushup Pulses

Okay this is the simplest push on the list, but it’s HARD.

The reason pushup pulses are so difficult is because you’re always in tension. There comes a point in every pushup when you full extend up that you disengage your muscles… you’re essentially resting on your skeleton.

But with pushup pulses, you’re constantly in a state of contraction and extension so your muscles don’t get a break.

These start to burn fast and they will test your mental toughness for sure.

Remember to also knock out 2 to 3 more reps when you feel like coming down.

#2 – Weighted Pushups

Weighted Pushups
Weighted Pushups
Weighted Pushups
Weighted Pushups

This is a great way to get stronger with your pushups… once you have your bodyweight pushup down.

As you can see in the picture, I’m using a steel bell… which his great… but you can also use a book bag and fill it with stuff.

You can make your own sandbag too.

But you just want to do pushups with weight on your back.

I love this because it not only works your upper body and chest… but it really hits your core too. You have to support the plank with weight on your back… so CRUNCH HARD.

You can mix weighted pushups with pulses and with negative pushups too.

#3 – Slider Pushups with Pike

Pushups with Pike on Sliders
Pushups with Pike on Sliders
Pushups with Pike on Sliders
Pushups with Pike on Sliders

I talked a little about slider pushups in my beginner pushup post.

They are an advanced pushup, but I put them in that beginner post because I wanted you to practice keeping your shoulders past your hands.

So for this advanced pushup post… let’s add in something new… a pike movement.

You will knockout a slider pushup like normal. Keep your core tight!

Then keeping your legs straight, you’ll pull your legs in… going into a pike position…

This really hits your core HARD and your shoulders HARD too.

#4 – Deep Ring Pushups

Deep Pushups from Rings
Deep Pushups from Rings

You got a glimpse of these pushup in the beginner pushup post, but now let’s really talk about them.

When you use rings during your pushup, you’re creating instability in the upper body.

This is going to force you to brace your arms harder… your core harder… and you’ll really feel it when you do the pushup.

Try to keep the rings only a couple inches from the ground.

If possible, you can add sliders to these and take them to an extreme level.

Though I’m about to show you some really crazy you can combine with these slider pushups.

#5 – Feet In Ring Pushups

Pushups with Feet In Rings
Pushups with Feet In Rings
Before we get crazy… let’s flip the above pushup and put our feet in the rings.

I like to raise the height of the rings to about my shoulder height if I were in a plank.

You can go higher. The higher you raise the rings… the more intensity you’ll put on your upper body.

What I love about putting my feet in the rings is how it isolates you core a little more.

This is kind of like a slider pushup… but more instability forcing you to really hold your core tight.

Not to mention it’s a decline pushup for some added difficulty. But that’s what makes this really fun!

#6 – Parallette Kick Through Pushups

Parallette Kick Through Pushups Easier Version
Parallette Kick Through Pushups Easier Version
Parallette Kick Through Pushups Easier Version
Parallette Kick Through Pushups Harder Version
Parallette Kick Through Pushups Harder Version
Parallette Kick Through Pushups Harder Version

Let’s step things up a bit…

You will need some parallettes… but if you have two kettlebells… and you’re really careful… you can do these with kettlebells. I suggest 35 pounds KBs at the smallest.

You can do an easier kick through and land with your heels on the ground… this is a good place to start.

Or you can do an advanced kick through and never let your feet hit the ground. This is tough.

But as you come back, you’re going straight into a pushup. You will have to brace really hard and use all of your upper body strength to do this pushup the right way.

It’s a great one and it gets you strong.

#7 – Upper Body Kettlebell Balance Pushups

Hands on Kettlebells Balance Pushups
Hands on Kettlebells Balance Pushups

This is a tough one and probably a pushup you’ve never done before.

First, you need two kettlebells and it has to be kettlebells.

Second you need to make sure you use the round side of the kettlebells… not a side that has a flat notch.

You are going to do a push with your hands on the kettlebells but you’re also going to keep the handles off the ground.

This will force you to brace really hard and use some balance with your upper body.

You’ll notice how many of these pushups variations are testing your balance because balance always leads to learning how to brace correctly.

I use this variation a lot!

#8 – Feet On Kettlebells Balance Pushups

Feet on Kettlebell Balance Pushups
Feet on Kettlebell Balance Pushups

Now go find a larger kettlebell… and you’re going to do the same thing as above but with your feet.

So put the kettlebell on the round side… place one foot on the kettlebell and the other crosses over it… then keep the handle of the kettlebell off the ground.

This will force you to brace your legs and core hard… and your upper body too.

It’s a great variation I use a lot and I know you’ll use a lot too.

#9 – The Full Balance Pushup

The Full Balance Pushup
The Full Balance Pushup
This is the combination of the last two pushups.

You are going to combine the hands on kettlebells with the feet on kettlebells and find put balance during a pushup.

This is really hard and you’ll have to move slowly… deliberately… so you can stay in control.

I love the difficulty of this pushup because it’s not dangerous. If you lose balance… just let your feet slide off and you’re fine.

There’s no risk to serious injury.

Use this push and you’ll get insanely strong.

#10 – Plyometric Pushups

Plyometric Pushups
Plyometric Pushups
Plyometric Pushups

I think plyometric pushups are the hardest because they tire you out so fast.

Start off on your knees and practice landing immediately back into the next pushup. Don’t land hard on straight arms and then go into the next pushup.

When you get some good strength… do these from your feet. Again make sure you land right back into your next pushup.

When you get stronger… do them so your entire body comes off the ground.

And if you’re really strong… you can start doing a lot of the pushup tricks you’ll see on Instagram and YouTube. But I think every single woman can get to the point where she’s doing these from her toes.

#11 – Full Body Plyometric Pushups

Full Body Plyometric Pushups
Full Body Plyometric Pushups
Full Body Plyometric Pushups
Full Body Plyometric Pushups
Full Body Plyometric Pushups

Plyometric pushups are hard.

But when you have to get your entire body off the ground and then land straight back into the next pushup…

WOW… well… that’s why this variation is eleven.

Notice the third picture. The one where it looks like my hips are sagging far below my shoulders…

This is where I’m loading up. Don’t think you are going to go straight into the air without some break in your form.

It won’t happen.

Have fun with this and play. That’s what these pushup variations are about… PLAY!

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