11 Beginner Exercises And Drills To Master The Perfect Pushup

Pushups are one of the best exercises you can do.

They workout your upper body hard… but they also hit your core and you can change them up to get your back, shoulders… even your legs.

But you have to know how to do pushups correctly. I see terrible form WAY too much.

So here are 11 exercises to help you master the perfect pushup.

Let’s get right into it.

#1 – Pushup Plank

Pushup Plank

Make sure you not just holding a plank but pushing hard through your shoulders.

Most women relax and just barely hold this position. But you need to push through the ground. I like to say push the earth away from you.

And make sure your shoulders are over the top of your hands… not just your wrists… then CRUNCH your abs!

Crunch your low ribs to your hips. Flatten your lower back.

#2 – Slider Pushup Plank

Slider Pushup Plank
It’s very common for women to relax their core when holding a plank. It’s easy to rely on your legs too much by letting your hips start to rise and putting your weight into your toes.

But if you put your feet on sliders… now you can’t do this. You must keep your shoulders over your hands and you must keep your core tight and you must keep your weight in your upper body.

This is really tough but if you do this, you will get insanely strong. Push hard and do these daily!

#3 – Scapular Pushups

Scapular Pushups
Scapular Pushups
This is great for your shoulder rotator cuff muscles… both strength and mobility.

It will help you learn how to mobilize them first… then you’ll know what it feels like to actually push through the ground and engage your shoulders better.

You can add a band over your body if you want some minor resistance.

Do these daily and you’ll not only get more range of motion, but you’ll improve your shoulder mobility and probably end some nagging pain in the process.

#4 – Ring Pushups

Ring Pushups
Ring Pushups
Ring Pushups
Ring Pushups
Ring Pushups
Ring Pushups

I love rings because you can go from practically standing to extremely hard pushups. Notice the different levels of pushups I’m doing.

I’m going from really easy… too really hard. You can make the pushup as challenging as you need it to be.

Beginners because you can start up high. You can focus on your core tightness… squeezing your butt… and engaging your legs.

You can focus on keeping your arms close to your body, which is the way you’re supposed to do pushups.

If you can do these… do them daily! Keep getting stronger.

#5 – Box Pushups

Box Pushups
Box Pushups

This is usually where I start most of my clients. You can really learn the best practices of a pushup by doing them on an elevated surface. It doesn’t have to be a box.

Focus on keeping your shoulders over your hands. When you’re at the bottom of your pushup, your chest should be in-between your hands.

Focus on keeping your core tight and flattening your lower back. Keep your butt squeezed… keep your legs engaged… and twist your hands into the box or surface. Make sure you’re braced and ready to rock out your strength.

As you get stronger, just keep lowering the surface until you’re on the ground.

#6 – Knee Pushups

Knee Pushups

Only practice knee pushups for two reasons…

First… practice keeping your elbows back. This is important. Also practice twisting the palm of your hand into the ground so your arm muscles are turned on.

Second… practice for plyometric pushups. This is a great way to help you learn the movement and make sure you’re falling into your next pushup… not hitting the ground hard.

#7 – Parallette Pushups

Parallette Pushups
Isometric Dumbbell Hold

I love using parallettes to do pushups because it’s easier to feel what it’s like to hold your arms in tension. You just have to squeeze the handles and you feel more solid throughout your upper body.

You can also push your full pushup range of motion when you’re using paralletes. But I just want you to focus on squeezing the handles hard and turning the muscles in your upper body ON.

Let’s go get strong!

#8 – Floor Presses

Double Floor Presses
Double Floor Presses
Single Floor Presses
Single Floor Presses

I love doing floor presses because you can get stronger arms and a stronger pushing motion quickly.

I prefer kettlebells over dumbbells because kettlebells have an offset center of gravity. This makes you brace harder and use more muscle control.

You do not need a bench to do this. In fact, I suggest you always use the floor.

Push yourself and start pushing more weights from the floor.

As you can see from the picture… you can do double… single… or you can checkout this post and learn even more cool options.

#9 – Pushup Hold

Pushup Hold

This is a great drill to build your strength and body control.

It’s an isometric hold and you really need to keep your entire body tight. But that’s why it will help you so much… you will build up some serious strength and endurance strength too.

You can also do this on sliders or with your feet on a box to really isolate your upper body strength.

Have fun with it… push yourself and watch your pushup strength explode. Remember… you can also elevate your upper body if you need to make it a little easier.

#10 – Slider Pushups

Slider Pushups
Slider Pushups

Once you get your pushups down and as you learn to be stronger, bad habits always creep in.

So hop on sliders to do your full pushups. This will reinforce everyone you learned to get to this point… shoulders past your hands… really tight core… engaged legs… tight butt… keep your hands twisted into the ground…

Do them… do them often… and become a pushup master.

Plus they are really hard. We’ll learn more about hard pushup in this post.

#11 – Negative Pushups

Negative pushups (and negatives in general) are a superior way to build strength and force your body to activate more muscle fiber.

You can do negatives off the rings… a box… the ground… you can do negatives with floor presses… anywhere.

Lower yourself to the ground (all the way to the ground) as slowly as possible. With complete control.

You are going to have to brace hard but you’re signaling to your brain that you need more strength.

Do these often and you’ll get so strong. How slow were you able to go?

Let’s Put These Exercises Into Practice!

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