21 Band Exercises and Variations For a Stronger Body

There are so many band exercises you could do… it’s pretty crazy.

So in this post I am going to stick with some of the standard ones and key variations you need to know about.

Why do I love bands?

I love them for stability.

When using a dumbbell, center of gravities are easy to align so stability isn’t a huge issue.

It’s why I love kettlebells. They have an offset center of gravity, forcing your body to stabilize more and use more energy for each exercise.

Bands are similar because they get harder the more you stretch them and this pulls the center of gravity all over the place.

The added pulling of a band forces more muscle activation and that teaches your brain to recruit and stabilize with more muscle fibers.

Remember the more you stretch a band… the harder it gets… so it’s progressively harder which helps a lot.

If you consistently work with bands, you can get a lot stronger compared to doing only weights.

Let’s go through…

21 Band Exercise You Should Start Using Today

OMG… I almost forgot…

What type of band should you get?

I highly recommend Rogue Monster Bands. I’ve used them in my studio for over 7 years. They are great.

In fact the first one I ever bought… about 7 years ago… it finally starting to really die.

Check these bands out. They are very much worth the price.

#1… #2… #3 – Banded Presses

Band Standing Press
Banded Press on Rig
Banded Press on Rig
Banded Kneeling Press on Rig
Banded Kneeling Press on Rig

You will need a way to anchor the band on the ground… stepping on it will work as you can see in the first picture.

Then you press like you would a kettlebell or dumbbell.

You will feel the band pull your arm back and forth… and you’ll feel your muscles begin to stabilize.

If you go with Rogue bands, I recommend you start with a red band and then move to a green band… if you’re using Rogue Bands

Kneeling presses are great too.

Same as the standing press but when you kneel, you can’t use your legs as much… so it’s a great way to isolate your arms.

There are many ways you can do this… but the way I’m showing you in the picture is the easiest.

Plus if you have enough stability you can use a light kettlebell with the band. Just be very careful coming back down.

It’s vital you brace HARD!

#4… #5… #6… #7… #8 – Banded Rows

Standing Double Banded Row
Standing Double Banded Row
Standing Single Banded Row
Standing Single Banded Row
Standing Seated Double Banded Row
Standing Seated Double Banded Row
Standing Seated Single Banded Row
Standing Seated Single Banded Row
Bent Over Banded Row
Bent Over Banded Row

I love rowing bands because you can do it multiple ways without changing your position.

You can isolate your shoulders more by sitting on the ground and NOT moving your upper body.

You can mimic a row machine by moving your torso and finish the row motion with a hard pull.

You can stand up and row… you can do single sided rows…

There are many options.

You can even do bent over rows with a kettlebell and get more stress on your muscles.

Make sure you’re squeezing your shoulder blades together hard. You want to get your smaller rotator cuff muscles stronger too.

#9… #10 – Banded Floor Presses

Double Banded Floor Press
Double Banded Floor Press
Single Banded Floor Press
Single Banded Floor Press

You will need a rig to anchor the band like I’m showing in the picture.

It does help as well to have partner help you under the band. But you’ll notice immediately your stabilizer muscles kicking in when you press the band up.

Using a band with floor presses like this will really help give you a stronger push motion and stronger plank.

Move the band up a little bit and you can do single sided presses as well.

You can even practice quarter getups and work on those stabilizer muscles in a different way.

I would also recommend this for shoulder strength. Just press the band up and hold it… make sure you are fully extending through your shoulder joint.

It can be a great way to build a strong shoulder joint.

#11… #12… #13 – Banded Pushups

Assisted Banded Pushups
Assisted Banded Pushups
Banded Pushups
Banded Pushups
Advanced Banded Pushups
Advanced Banded Pushups

Bands don’t always have to make exercises more challenging… they can really help with learning proper technique.

I use these assisted pushups – first set of pictures – when I have a client who can do a good pushup from the box… but they are struggling to get a floor pushup.

When you put your hips over the band, it helps you feel the pushup from the ground. It connects the dot and lets you focus on the fundamentals of a good pushup.

It helps you back up which is what most women learning the pushup need.

The key is to not let your hips fall… use the band for help but keep your core and legs braced hard. It’s the only way to keep getting stronger.

And of course you can make pushups HARDER too!

I love making pushups harder because pushups are one of the best exercises. And if I can get more out of them… I’m all for it.

The key here is to make sure the band goes over your shoulders and NOT your lower back.

From there focus on keeping your legs and core really tight so your body stays as one solid piece.

You can do this without the rig, but it’s not as good in my opinion.

#14… #15 – Banded Squats

Banded Goblet Squats
Banded Goblet Squats
Banded Squat Explosions
Banded Squat Explosions

Be careful with this exercise because if you accidentally let the kettlebell go… it will come flying down towards the ground.

So hold tight and keep your body engaged.

To get the most of this version, I would focus on going smooth and easy on the way down. Then pause for a second… brace your body hard… and squat as fast up as you can.

Getting the slow eccentric phase is great for your muscle building… and then switching to the fast power production changes every thing. It’s a pure mix of slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles.

One last thing… keep your upper body squeezing and engaged. You don’t want the pull of the band and kettlebell together to pull your torso down.

The squat explosions are great for building power and fatiguing your muscles.

If you love box jumps or squat jumps you’ll love this version.

You need a rig to make sure the band is stable.

Once you place the band over one shoulder securely… do some squats with a slight hop.

Make sure you’re braced hard to support the band. And when you land… land immediately back into the next squat. Don’t land hard and jolt your joints.

Then just knockout like 30 to 50 reps. Produce power and fit the burn.

#16… #17… #18… #19 – Banded Deadlifts & Swings

Single Banded Deadlift
Single Banded Deadlift
Double Banded Deadlift
Double Banded Deadlift
Banded Kneeling Hip Extensions
Banded Kneeling Hip Extensions
Banded Kettlebell Swings
Banded Kettlebell Swings

I’m showing you two variations of the deadlift.

I love both versions. It’s easier to do the first because you only need one band for it.

When you’re doing this exercise really squeeze your legs and butt at the top and hold for a little bit. Resist the band’s pull.

Make sure your feet have good contact and balance with the ground. You don’t want to have too much weight on your heels or forefoot.

Come up with some explosive power too… but make sure you have a good Deadlift checklist on form. You don’t want to come up with some speed and have your upper body not engaged.

Form is so important with the deadlift.

The next set of pictures are kneeling hip extensions… surprisingly hard.

This is great way to isolate some booty work along with many of the other hip extension exercises.

Finally, you can polish off your glutes and hamstrings by doing banded kettlebell swings.

First, it’s vital you have good kettlebell swing form. If you don’t and you want to learn, go purchase my Strong program. I will teach you step-by-step how to do the perfect kettlebell swing.

This is a killer exercise because you not only need a powerful hip thrust, the entire exercise is speed up because of kettlebell coming back at your faster.

These are the exercises you need if you want to get that tight… round butt!

#20… #21 – Banded Pullups

Banded Pullups
Isometric Dumbbell Hold
Isometric Dumbbell Hold
Isometric Dumbbell Hold
This is how I learned to do a pullup. I like using bands because they force your body into a good hollow position which is how you’re supposed to do a real pulp. Depending on how many bands you have, you can double up if you need the help. Make sure when you’re doing these pull-ups, you’re focused on squeezing the bar… engaging your arms and shoulders… and holding your core about 40% tight. Don’t let the band do all of the work. Bracing is going to help you get stronger. Also once you’re over the bar… hold that position for 3 to 5 seconds before you do another rep. The second version is amazing to helping you bridge the pullup gap. The hardest part of the pullup is getting the initial pull. It takes time to build the strength. This banded version will help because it helps you start that first slight lean back and pull. Then when you’re high enough, there is no more band to help you and it’s all on you to finish off the pullup. You can take the band higher and lower so play around with it.

Experiment With These Banded Exercises

Take some time during your next few workouts and play around with the ones you can do.

Get a feel for them and then here’s how I would use them in a workout to actually improve.

Pick one… maybe two…

The one or two that will help you most towards your goals.

Then either before your workout, knockout a set or reps for each… or you can work these into your workout depending on what you’re doing.

For example…

I’ll work on Banded Squat Explosions and Banded Deadlifts.

So before my workout, I’ll do something like… 40 squat explosions followed by 8 relatively heavy banded deadlifts.

I’ll do 5 sets to end with 200 total banded squat explosions and 40 heavy deadlifts.

Then I’ll go to my metabolic workout to finish things off.

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I hope to see you in the site!

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