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21 Minute AMRAP Workout Challenge – Why I Fast And How

Show Notes:

Question 1:

“I was listening recently you mentioned that you just finished the book “The Microbiome Diet.” I have been struggling with my digestion for the past 2 months and following the Paleo guidelines, but it doesn’t seem to be fixing the issue.  I can only imagine that it has something to do with my gut.

I am curious as to which other nutrition books you have read and enjoyed in the past and which ones you are looking into.  I am currently a personal trainer and have lately been very interested in nutrition.  I would like to keep learning and broaden my knowledge on all of the latest nutritional trends that we have seen in our society.”

Question 2:

And the 2nd question we discussed dealing with exercise compulsion/addiction when you’re stuck at a desk all day. How to relieve feelings of anxiety from non-movement and to safely fit movement in your day.

Resources Mentioned

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