7 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Swing A Kettlebell

Have you ever wondered what makes this ball of steel/iron so amazing?

Why would someone choose kettlebells over dumbbells or a barbell?

Those are valid questions I’ve been answering for years.

I’ve learned the simple response, “Because kettlebells are better,” isn’t good enough.

That’s fine because I love to share my passion and knowledge of kettlebells (please never call them kettleballs)!

With that, let’s jump into the top 7 benefits of kettlebells.

Maybe, if you’re not already, you’ll be inspired to give them a try.

If you do, make sure you get coached for form and safety.

You’ll also need some fun workouts to put to practice. Don’t worry, I got ya covered!

7 Reasons Every Woman Should Swing A Kettlebell

#1 – Work More Muscles

kettlebell benefits

If a dumbbell was light enough, would you be able to balance it on a finger (like a basketball).

Yes, of course! You’d put your finger in the middle of the handle and voila!

Same with a barbell (if it didn’t weigh 45-lbs!).

But what about a kettlebell?

Nope, not so easy.

This is because the center of gravity isn’t in the center. Your body has to work harder to stabilize the weight.

That means you will engage more muscles and get more out of each exercise.

  • More muscles worked
  • More strength built
  • More core worked
  • More calories burned.
  • More, more, more.

Sometimes more actually is better.

#2 – Go Ballistic

kettlebell swings

The unique shape of a kettlebell allows for you to toss it, swing it, and fling it.

It’s a ballistic move which makes it not only a great piece of equipment for pure strength but also cardio.

You can do the standard moves like squats, presses, deadlifts, etc.

And you can fight gravity to do moves like swings, snatches, sling shots and more.

Talk about getting your heart rate up while burning the muscles.

Kettlebells show it’s possble to build strength/muscle while building endurance too! 

#3 – Six Pack Abs

kettlebell abs

Who doesn’t love a good core workout?

Most of the time you think of an ab workout if it has leg raises, ab wheel, sit-ups, toes to bar, etc.

Going back to #1 (working more muscles), your core will fire while holding the kettlebell to maintain an upright, straight posture.

Chances are high you’ll immediately think the kettlebell feels heavier than it’s dumbbell equivalent because of the effort your body has to put in. Weight you could normally squat easily with a dumbbell or barbell will feel VERY different. 

If getting a strong core is important (and it should be), stop the sit-ups and learn kettlebells!

#4 – Develop A Strong Grip

farmers carry

Kettlebells are a great accessory for moves that require a lot of grip/forearm strength.

After 20 swings, your forearms will tighten and by the end of a kettlebell focused session, those bad boys will be swoll.

And that’s a great thing to work on if you have goals of doing pull-ups, increasing your deadlift, rock climbing (or OCR racing) and doing any other movements that often are affected by grip strength.

For most people, their legs don’t stop them from deadlifting heavy weight, their grip strength does! Don’t let it stop you from making gains, focus on forearm strength to progress with other areas.

#5 – A Simple Home Gym

kettlebell gym

Kettlebells are amazing for small home gym workouts.

  1. With barbells, you have to have space for the bar and weights AND the investment in all that is pretty insane.
  2. With dumbbells, you tend to outgrow them pretty quickly, needing to buy a set every few months as you get stronger.

You can get away with making a complete home gym with just 2-3 kettlebells.

And because of their versatility, it’s close to impossible to outgrow them. Just change to a more complex grip or modify the move to make it harder.

What weight should you start with?

In Strong, I generally recommend the 9-KG and 12-KG for complete beginners.

Not a complete beginner or have a great base of strength to start? Go with a 12-KG and 16-KG.

#6 – Improve Your Mobility

kettlebell getup

Kettlebells are AMAZING for improving mobility.

Thanks to swings, get-ups and windmills, it’s easy to add mobility into your workout without forcing it at the end or beginning (who has time for that?).

Honesty, since I started swinging a kettlebell, my back issues have gone down 10-fold. And while I can’t promise those results for everyone (I wish I could make that claim), I can say that with proper training, you can improve your overall mobility and core which will make a difference if you’re like me and suffer from a bad back.

Most people think kettlebells are dangerous for the back and joints, but it’s the opposite. Get started to improve your quality of life!

#7 – You Feel Like A Badass!

kettlebell flex

I don’t think I need to go into detail on this one.

Lift weights, swing weights, get one heck of a killer workout in and feel like a bad ass.

When you’re learning something new, you might not feel so badass, but stick with it and every day you’ll get more comfortable and your bad ass status will rise and rise!


Are You Sold On Kettlebells Yet?

Kettlebells truly are an amazing tool for developing raw strength, increasing performance and transforming the body.

Don’t be intimidated, they are for ALL levels of fitness and everyone can benefit from training with them.

Of course, it’s best to have a certified coach help you learn proper mechanics and positions to get the moves down. And once you learn? It’s time to get the workouts rocking!

I’d love to help with both!

I actually have TWO kettlebell programs available here at Fit Women’s Weekly.

  • Strong is a program for ALL levels and includes a kettlebell clinic to teach everything you need to know to master the exercises. Then you’ll rock the workouts by following the training program.
  • Double Trouble is an advanced program. It’s 6 weeks and the workouts are TOUGH. They all include two kettlebells (double) and is most definitely not the place to start unless you have a solid foundation.

Of course as a monthly member, you’d have access to both of these programs.

Get through Strong, then transition into Double Trouble. That’s a challenge I’d love for you to take on!

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