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Body Burn Challenges Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1 – Why does it cost so much?

I don’t think it costs a lot at all when you look at what you’re getting.

Being able to ask me (and Dan) questions whenever you want… to get real help and real answers… that’s worth the price alone every month.

Think about it. You can hire a personal trainer. And if it’s a good one, it’s will be $80 to $120 for one session. Easy. Even then most trainers won’t answer your questions outside of training sessions.

You’re getting access to me and Dan. Together we have over 16 years of training experience. Almost two decades of workout design experience.

That’s why I think joining at $97 or $124 is a no-brainer.

FAQ #2 – Why does it cost so little?

I know right? It does cost so little.

The real answer isn’t exciting. It’s because pricing things is hard. I want to attract the right women. Women who will DO the program.

I believe it could be a lot more expensive.

But I also consider it’s up to YOU to take action. You have to participate. I’m not going to reach out and bug you personally. If you participate, I will help you personally.

But you have to make the move. And that’s why I don’t charge more at the moment. Because sadly most women will not participate.

FAQ #3 – Why don’t you have an app?

I think apps are neat. Not functional.

I don’t want this program to be tied down to a phone. I want you to be able to use it ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

I think it’s best used from a laptop anyway.

This way you can take it to the gym… outside… or wherever you please. Plus the screen is big enough so following along with me is a lot more fun.

Plus Dan is constantly learning and working to make this site faster and easier to navigate. He’s actually learning how to code everything from scratch so he can make a 100% custom solution.

We do have some amazing app ideas… but when it comes to workouts they will always be on the web.

FAQ #4 – Will this program help me hit MY goals?

Yes, but you have to participate and tell me what specifically you are dealing with.

The foundation of this program alone will help you hit your goals. But if you have an old injury or something else that requires some modification…

You can get that. Just let me know what it is.

If you don’t say anything, I can’t help you.

FAQ #5 – How do I know how to get started?

From my perspective, this is the hardest part. How do I make it EASY… FAST… and SIMPLE to get started after you purchase?

This is something I’m always trying to improve.

One thing you need to realize is after you purchase, you need to login and just click around. Get familiar with how things are laid out.

Once you get a feel for the site, knowing what to do next is pretty easy.

But Dan and I are actually working on what we call Coaching Queues. You’ll see little buttons around the site in certain locations to help coach you on what to do at that spot.

For example… there will be a Coaching Queue on choosing the right training plan and how to use it successfully.

There will be a Coaching Queue on workouts that have tough exercises to show you the exercise and progressions if you need them.

FAQ #6 – What if I need to cancel my account or purchase?

It’s easy. You always have direct access to us. The best way is through our Help Desk. This way you have a record of our communication.

But to cancel your account, all you have to do is login and on your Dashboard, you can go to subscriptions and cancel yourself.

You don’t need to contact us or anything. You have complete control.

You also have 60 days where I’ll refund your purchase if you want. We have an extremely low refund rate. I think it’s below 1%. This is because the site is very high quality.

Do you have a question I’m not answering?

Tell me about it below and I’ll get back to you personally. I want you to be confident and energized when you join because I want you to use the program from day 1 until you finish it and hopefully long after.

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