Carbon 38 Takara High Waisted Leggings Review

If you’ve been curious about these insanely shiny leggings, you’ve come to the right place.

I remember the first time I saw an ad for the Takara leggings on Facebook and instantly thought, “surely those can’t be that shiny in real life!?”

Oh, and they come in 15 different colors… FIFTEEN!

carbon takara leggings

Is it really possible for a pair of leggings to have so much pizzaz?

I’ll be honest…

This is actually my second pair of Takara leggings. I also have the 7/8 length in black, but they aren’t high waisted.

Important note: I paid for both pairs with my own money – though if Carbon 38 reads this and wants to help a trainer out, I’m your girl 😉

When I received a Carbon38 gift card for Christmas, I knew I wanted to add a second pair to my collection (I’d been eyes ALL the colors for months) and I wanted to share the pros and cons of these leggings with you.

Are they worth the $109 pricetag? I’ll help you decide. 

One last important note… I don’t normally choose high waisted but it was the only option if I wanted this particular color. I figured if nothing else, at least they would be flattering (high waisted often are).

Carbon 38 Takara Leggings

1st… Is The Shine Real?


My black pair are two years old and while they are starting to look a bit worn, they still have a great shine.

These pink Takara’s are even smoother and shiner than I expected. When I first opened the package, my first thought was…

“Wow, these are Barbie leggings!”

And they are, in the best way.

My second thought was that there has been an upgrade to the material since my first pair. They are super silky and stretchy.

carbon 38 takara leggings

The Fit

Bent Over Banded Row

Let’s talk ankles.

I have a hard time finding leggings that fit well around my ankles.

I think my ankles forgot to grow with the rest of me when I was around 5 years old.

But this length has been a godsend. And these fit like a glove. Not too tight and not too loose.

The waist band… 

The high waist is very high waisted but the thick band helps to keep everything together and gives a really smooth and flattering shape.

I won’t lie though, I prefer the regular 7/8th Takara over the high waisted but that’s just a personal preference. 

I don’t like more material on my body that I have to have when I’m working out. And I feel as if these are high enough to make any sports bra more of a crop top look.

I’m notorious for rolling down high waisted leggings, but with this thick waist band, that’s not an option.

But, they do look great and help keep everything in place when running, jumping and lifting.

The Legs… 

They stay up!

For my personal fitness, workouts are filled with a huge variety of exercises. From running to kettlebells, I need to be able to jump around without worrying if my leggings are falling down my thighs. 

These stay in place. I’ve run races in my Takara leggings and they’vs done great. I’ve done yoga in them… they’ve done great. 

Heck, I’ve even tossed on a cute sweater and a pair of boots and worn them out. And they did great! 

The Seams

seams of takara leggings

The ONLY thing I don’t like about these leggings is the crotch seam.

I wish leggings would all be seamless in the crotch area because a thick seam can definitely lead to a nice “camel toe” look if you’re not careful.

Maybe that’s just a weird neurotic issue I have?

I dunno, but I do know that after workouts I check to make sure everything looks smooth.

Some people are panty wearers with workout clothes, others aren’t. These are the kind where you might want to wear a pair to avoid the ‘toe. 

The Squat & Crotch Test

takara carbon leggings

Like all leggings, a squat test is mandatory.

I promise you, there is editing to this photo! If here were, I’d have larger boobs!

But seriously, there is no butt peaking through.

The material, though smooth and soft, is very thick and provides great coverage to avoid any embarrassing peep shows.

I am always hesitant to workout in colored leggings because of sweaty crotch issues (make it sound like I have a disease), but these held up great during a tough workout.

Granted, it’s winter right now and I haven’t worked out when it’s 100-degrees and I’m dripping in sweat, but I definitely worked out hard enough to get a few drips running down my face and still, nothing showing down there.

Takara leggings

Are They Worth It & Extra Tid Bits

If you’ve visited Carbon 38, you know that nothing is cheap there. In fact, many things are outrageously expensive.

Takara leggings aren’t outrageous, but they are on the higher side of leggings at $109 for the high waisted option and $98 for regular 7/8 length.

So are they worth it?

This is my second pair. Does that answer your question?

Yes, they are worth it.

They look great, feel great, hold up during workouts, hold up after hundreds of wears (I’ve had to have worn my black pair over 150 times) and they make me feel confident while working out.

I am a huge advocate for dressing your body to feel strong and beautiful, even when you’re dripping sweat and exhausted.

These leggings do that.

I’d rather spend more money on a pair of leggings and get more wears out of them than buy 3 pairs for $30 each and have them pill after just a wear or two.


Up Keep & Care

Banded Kneeling Hip Extensions

One important note, these don’t pill.

I do intense workouts where I am moving all over the place and getting up and down off the ground and they don’t get picked.

My Takaras are honestly my favorite leggings.

Cleaning my leggings:

I don’t dry any of my workout clothes (sports bra, leggings, tops). These wash well on normal cycle and then get hung to dry. It’s the secret to making workout clothes last forever.

A few extra notes:

  • I have not partnered with Carbon 38 on the post. These are my honest thoughts and opinions and get zero compensation for sharing.
  • Always google “Carbon 38 Discount Codes” before purchases. When I ordered this pair, I found a $20 off code! I would share but it’s no longer available. I’m sure something is floating around to help.



What leggings should I review next?

I’m thinking about getting these EnceWear leggings!

I think are super cute and flattering.

I also just received my first pair of K-Deer capris which I’ll be sharing a review of soon.

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