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Ep 182: Hannah Hutson On Being A Kettlebell Badass & Seattle Hiking

Guest: Hannah Hutson


Topic: We talk about our passion for kettlebells and how to get stronger, fitter and healthier. Plus the best views and hikes around Seattle.

Episode 182

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Who Is Hannah Hutson?

Hannah Huston is a Strong First certifed kettlebell coach (Level 1 & Level 2), fitness enthusiast and co-owner of Belltown Strength & Conditioning in Seattle, Washington.

This woman is STRONG and her energy for lifting and completing tough kettlebell flows is contagious.

Thanks to Instagram, I was introduced to Hannah and now I’m honored to introduce her to you (if you haven’t heard of her already).

Aside from what she can do in the gym, she also lives her fitness. Hiking to amazing lakes and breathtaking views on some of the most beautiful mountains in Washington.

Chatting with Hannah was easy because we have so much in common and I think you will enjoy her drive, passion and knowledge.

Show Notes

Turning To Kettlebells After Crossfit:

  • Hannah shares her coming to kettlebell story. We all have one! What led her to walk away from pursuing being a Crossfit athlete to becoming a kettlebell coach and gym owner.
  • Why kettlebells? Because the intensity and load was too much for the long haul for Hannah. She wanted something that allowed her  to be strong, build lean muscle, improve endurance and become a more confident athlete without tearing the body down. She wanted to be fit for life.
  • What it takes to become an Iron Maiden and training tips! The Iron Maidan is a title in the Strong First community given to a select few who pass a strength test of: strict pull-up, pistol squat and strict press… all with a 24Kg kettlebell.
  • To obtain the press, Hannah shared her training tactic. 3 days of focused work, one day heavy, one day medium, one day lift with a 5-4-3-2-1 rep scheme without putting the kettlebell down. Repeat for 5 rounds. (I did this twice this week and love it!)
  • Short on time and need a workout? Hannah’s favorite go to is Simple & Sinister. A kettlebell staple that includes 10 rounds of 10 swings & 1 Turkish get-up (alternate sides each round).

Seasonal Fitness:

  • Working out doesn’t have to be the same month after month. During the summer, Hannah hangs out less in the gym and more on the trails soaking up as much Vit D as possible.
  • Don’t feel guilty for changing focus in regards to what’s going on in life. Some months you’ll want to lift more, other months you might find yourself craving more endurance or adventure. One prepares you for the other. Go with it.
  • The best hikes in/around Seattle? Mt Saint Helens, Aasgard Pass, and others!


  • On normal days, Hannah sticks to tracking her macros and likes the flexibility. She might enjoy popcorn or ice cream, but plans it out before hand to stick to her nutritional goals.
  • Hiking takes up a lot of energy and time, on adventure days she packs carbohydrate heavy snacks and meals like PB&J (my fav hiking food too), trail mix, and snack bars for fast energy.

Connect With Hannah:

Get more from Hannah at

If you’re ever in Seattle, drop into Belltown Strength & Conditioning

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