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Ep. 195: Being Trill With Salah Gibbons From The Trillest Podcast

Guest: Salah Gibbons


Topic: Keeping it trill (true and real) with Salah as we talk about being a collage athlete, life after sports, fitness, supplements and more.

Episode 195

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes:

Keeping It Trill:

  • Salah Gibbons is the co-host of the awesome podcast, The Trillest Podcast. Where along with her co-host, Taylor Woods, talk all things fitness, lifestyle, and more while keeping it true and real.
  • The best way to sum these two women up is their iTunes description: “The Trillest Podcast is an outlet for two health and fitness enthusiasts to talk truthfully about real life, real struggles, and everything in between. Your hosts, Salah and Taylor, are Austin-based, self-professed fitness gurus (gurus should be taken lightly) who are super jazzed to share with you their thoughts on, and journeys through, health, fitness, and life. Their friendly banter and constant comedic relief make the struggles of health, fitness, and life a little more enjoyable. Trillest, by definition, means keeping it true and real. Salah and Taylor have no problem doing that!”
  • I was privileged to recently be a guest on their show (Ep. 91), talking kettlebells, time constraints on fitness, and more. Go listen in!

College Sports:

  • Salah grew up playing sports and after years of playing basketball, decided to pursue volleyball… which lead her to play in college on scholarship.
  • What happens to athletes after college? We get pretty passionate about what we think collages should do not only for their athletes, but all student body to better equip kids of adulthood.
  • Do you feel like college prepared you for handling finances? Mortgages? Credit? etc? 
  • Salah had to learn to transition beyond volleyball and had several coming to Jesus moments to discover what else she was passionate about and would lead her to a life filled with purpose.

Be Your Own Boss – Or Don’t! ONNIT Chat!

  • Some people love the idea of being an entrepreneur, others don’t. And neither is wrong. There has to be both groups to make the world work, right?
  • Salah finds purpose and passion every day when she shows up to work at the Onnit headquarters. Not familiar with Onnit? You should be! 
  • Onnit is one of the top companies for unique but awesome fitness gear and supplements.
  • A few pieces of equipment we talk about: Maces, Battle ropes, and Steel Clubs… all of which we have at our This Time Fitness studio (In Charleston? Come visit)! I can agree with Salah, the equipment is amazing and so functional. Love it! 
  • I asked Salah, if she could only take one supplement… what would it be? Her response? The MCT Oil. But it was a hard race against the Shroom Tech Support for it’s energy boosting powers (without the jitters). <– I’ll let you guys know what I think, I’m probably going to try it! 

Thanks For Listening!

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