Ep. 196: Melissa Doss – Games Athlete – Fitness , Fertility, & Balancing Business

Guest: Melissa Doss


Topic: The successes and injuries that come from being a Games Athlete and girl chat about restoring fertility after years of high intensity exercise, birth control pills and more! We also talk about balancing life as a business owner in a male dominated field, who treats who differently? What are the hardships that arise and why is it all worth the struggle?

Episode 175

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes:

If you don’t know, you’re missing out and can thank me later.

I’ve been following Melissa on Insta forever because of her realness, drive, badass fitness and passion to her family and her career.

All of which are clear from just a quick glance over her feed.

On top of being a cool woman, she has some pretty sweet street cred too…

How does she do it all and still have time to enjoy life and family? Somehow she does and we talk about it in the show.

Melissa’s Crossfit Life

Melissa is a badass, but that doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen. But what makes her super woman is her ability to come back!

At regionals one year, she threw her back out before the competition and still participated and did fantastic! The damage had been done and was confident more damage wouldn’t happen. So she went out on the competition floor and allowed adrenaline to get her through.

Fast forward to the next year and while practicing the peg board, she had an “oopsie move” and went crashing down, breaking her ankle and multiple bones in her foot. That’s enough to make most people question what they’re doing and give up right?

Nope, not Melissa. She had surgery, did the whole PT thing and went back to the games the following year.

How does a fitness enthusiast train with a broken body part?

They start focusing on doing what they can! Upper body strength building for the win!

Bringing Back Fertility

Melissa battled with an eating disorder when she was younger, was also on birth control for over a decade; and trained/competed like the high level athlete she is.

Because of those factors, she’s had missed periods and low progesterone… leading to her fertility is a bit off and a new focus

Now at a time when she wants to start a family, she’s making a few changes.

From taking progesterone suppositories to cutting back on training intensity, she shares a few things that *fingers crossed* are working for her to boost fertility and overall wellness.

Entrepreneurial Balance & Life

I can’t talk to such an entrepreneurial woman without bringing up business!

We discuss her law firm and what it’s like to be a woman in a male dominated world.

Does she ever get treated differently?
What’s the biggest issue… being young or being a woman?
The answers might surprise you!

And balance… How do you do it all?

You don’t! You do the best you can and you learn to say NO. You have help to do the things that you don’t have to do and you do the things you’re passionate about.

I hope you listen to the entire podcast because it really is a great episode full of information and lots of girl talk.

Thanks For Listening!

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