Ep. 200: Do You Have To Love How You Look To Love Your Body? Deep Talks With Taylor Woods

Guest: Taylor Woods


Topic: We talk about finding fitness from tanning beds, journey to bettering nutrition, Sonnies Outside and what it means to love yourself (and why we both kind of hate some body love ideas that are popular). 

Episode 200

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes

Taylor Woods is the 2nd half of the podcast, The Trillest Podcast. Where her and Salah keep it true and real. 

If you missed Salah’s podcast (ep. 195), it’s a great episode too! Get to know both women better and discover their individual goals and passions with health and fitness.

First things first, who is Taylor and what was her “coming to fitness” story? 

Taylor shares that she started off going to the gym just to use the tanning bed. That was until her now husband, Talon, started to show interest (in her) and encouraged Taylor to start taking better care of her health through fitness.

First a cardio junkie and later crossfitter, Taylor learned what worked best for her body. She’s a fan of all things fitness and doesn’t surrender to any one type of fitness.

And that’s ok! Find what works for you and what makes exercise something you want to do on a continuous basis. 

If you don’t love it, you won’t stick to it. 

Then There Was Nutrition

After exercise became a lifestyle, Taylor and her husband realized that they needed to tighten up on their nutrition if they wanted their bodies to reflect the hard work they put into them.

They kicked things off with a mostly paleo based belief and went forward learning to balance life with the good and the bad.

Balance, guys… it’s key! It’s okay to eat the cookies and drink the wine, if more often than not you’re eating the vegetables instead of the pizzas.

A few useful sites to help clean up your diet:

100 Days Of Real Food


Both great sources of delicious recipes! 

Loving Yourself But Don’t Settle

This was my favorite part of the podcast as it’s something we’re both passionate about.

Right now, there is a trend in “self love” which is IMPORTANT. You should love yourself no matter what. 

However, there is also a trend where loving yourself means accepting yourself where you are. That is where we are not on board. If you are in a great space right now, then yes… accept yourself.

If you want to change… to be leaner, tighter, stronger, fitter… that’s okay. 

Basically, love yourself enough to want to take the best care of yourself and to be the best version inside and out. 

Don’t feel bad for wanting to workout to look better. Yes, health is #1… but having aesthetic goals is okay too. 

Sonnies Outside

Taylor and her husband have always wanting to have a business of their own.

After lots of time and thoughts, Sonnies Outside was born. A lifestyle brand depicting fashionable apparel that can be used for real life adventures.

Y’all, I am obsessed with this hat!

How badass does Taylor look in this image?

Sonnies Outside

That’s A Wrap

We had an awesome time chatting it up and I hope you guys enjoyed tuning in. 

As always, thank you for your support! It makes doing these podcast so much fun and worth every minute!

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