Ep. 201: Why It Stinks To Learn New Exercises

Topic: Let’s talk about the pitfalls of learning new moves/exercises. I also realized something recently when out on a double date that is almost embarrassing for Dan and me. Plus, let’s finish off with some holiday shopping tips for the kettlebell lover in your life (I’ll link everything up below).

Episode 201

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes

I recently received a review (have you left one yet?) from a happy listener saying her favorite episodes were the ones with just little ole me chatting about life and fitness. 

Since I’ve had so many back to back guests lately, I thought it was time to listen to her review and check in!

Hopefully, she’s not the only one that prefers these episodes, LOL. 

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means it’s officially the holidays!

Do you love the holidays or dread them?

To me, they’re magical. And because I love them so much, I had to start the show with a Turkey Day, or should I say Non Turkey Day review. 

Yup, that’s right… my family decided to forgo a turkey and had a roast instead.

While delicious, it was VERY unThanksgiving like.

Luckily, my niece said it perfectly when she looked at my dad (her granddad) and said, 

“It just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without Turkey, Papaw!” Lainey, wise words.

We voted to never do that again! 

Did we workout on Thanksgiving?

I’m sure it’s no surprise, but yup! Alex and I met that morning and did a great workout which we posted up on our Instagram

I shared a few more details about our holiday kick off but let’s move to the meat of the chat… 

Learning New Skills Kinda Stinks

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, why not!?) then you know I’ve been working on muscle ups and handstands for YEARS.

Literally… years.

I’m not proud of this but I fall into the trap that most of us do when we want to learn something that is hard…

We give up because we get discouraged.

That’s the thing with learning new things… we can’t do them right away.

We want immediate results yet for most new things, that’s not possible.

For me, I’ve worked on something… grown tired of trying and then gave up for a couple months before deciding to give it another go.

Of course, when you start trying again, you think, “maybe with the time off, I’ll just magically be better.”

Yea, that doesn’t happen.

Instead, you have to embrace the suck. Know what you’re in for but realize with CONSISTENT work, you’ll eventually get there.

It might not happen in a week, a month or even a year… but if you keep at it, eventually things fall into place.

And when they do, the hard work and the victory feels amazing.

That’s where I’m at now. Instead of thinking that I can’t do muscle ups or hold a handstand for a minute, I’m thinking about how cool it will feel when I can!

And I encourage you to do the same.

Also keep a journal to write down your progress workout to workout or week to week! I do this BUT I also might be sharing my new skill challenges/progress on YouTube. I’ll announce all those details soon. 

Pitfalls Of Being A Fit Couple

Dan and I have realized something over the past few months that is almost embarrassing.

We realized when we eat with friends (either out at restaurants or dinner parties) that we eat WAY more than other couples. 

It’s the only pitfall to both of us being extremely active and fit. 

We have to fuel those muscles and because of that, we leave most dinner parties still hungry because we don’t want to be the ones eating ALL the food. 

You might laugh, and rightfully so because it’s hilarious. 

It’s also embarrassing how much we spend on groceries for just the two of us. Not because we buy all organic (we do the best we can) but because we have to buy so many groceries every week. 

That’s a topic for another episode! 

Are you and your significant others big eaters of your social group? 

Holiday Gift Guide For Kettlebell Lovers

And finally, let’s talk holidays. Everyone else is doing a shopping guide and I wanted to jump in. 

Here are a few gift ideas for the kettlebell lover in your house (possibly you?)

KettleGuard Wrist Guards (heads up, looks like the price has gone up since I last ordered mine, but they’re worth the $25).

Rogue Kettlebells 

Sandbags (100+ Lbs)

Toomey SR-1S Speed Jump Rope

Fit Women’s Weekly Program (Duh!)

K-Deer Leggings 

Carbon 38 Takara Leggings

That’s A Wrap!

As always, thank you for your support! It makes doing these podcast so much fun and worth every minute!

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I read every single review and love hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

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