Ep. 203: From Successful Accountant To New Yoga Teacher- How Tam Burke Changed Her Life For Health & Happiness

Guest: Tamara Burke


Topic: We talk about turning a passion into a career. Why yoga is more than just a form of fitness? And… the best resourses to read for self help and motivation.

Episode 203

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes

A few years ago, Tam Burke was living the “expected” life of a collage grad… she was working as an accountant in Charlotte, NC. And doing really well for herself!

Life was comfortable but not right. Her health was suffering, anxiety was high, and she made a bold decision to change.

And change BIG.

She quit her job, started working for Lenny Boy’s Brewery (their kombucha is amazing) and fell in love with yoga.

As her passion for yoga grew, she decided to make another big change.

She said good bye to Lenny Boy’s, traveled to India for a month for additional yoga training and become a full time yoga teacher.

Oh… and Tam & her fiance Matt moved to Colorado.


tam burke yoga

Passion is different for everyone.

Tam and I discussed how some people LOVE the idea of turning their passion into a profession, while others like to leave passion as is… an amazing past time to look forward to outside of work.

It makes sense, when passion turns to work, sometimes it loses it’s shine. It’s important not to feel as if you HAVE to turn passion into money.

But what is important is to have a passion of some sort.

Something that lights up your day and makes you excited.

What’s that passion for you?

For Tam, it’s yoga.


Because she’s a woman who would stay in school for the rest of her life if given the opportunity. Yoga allows her to be a forever student, always learning more and fine tuning her craft.

You’re never an expert… always a work in progress.

I love that and to be honest can relate completely. That is what I love about what I do. Fitness is a lifetime journey, not something you master in a year and walk away from.

The minute I stop, the minute I stop improving my wellbeing.

Rocket Yoga & Handstands

Most recently, her desire to learn more has lead her to Rocket Yoga… and handstands!

What’s Rocket Yoga? Tam explains it wonderfuly, but for my notes, I’ll share the Wikipedia version:

“ROCKET yoga method, lovingly referred to as The Rocket’, is a yoga sequence developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during the 1980s. ROCKET is rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice of yoga. It is combined with and restructured from the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as well as key postures from the 3rd and 4th advanced series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Schultz’s yoga method was first called “The ROCKET” by Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, because Weir said, “It gets you there faster.”’
And then there’s handstands… 

What makes handstands so beneficial?

The rapid blood supply to your head can give an energy burst but more than that, they’re fun.

They create body awareness, strength, balance but ultimately… they make you feel like a kid again.

I do handstands regularly with my classes in my studio, not because I want them to be experts, but because I want them to know that fitness isn’t just squats and push-ups. It’s what we did as kids and it’s feeling badass being able to do those things now!

Listen to the episode for specific suggestions on getting started with handstands.

tam burke yoga

Self Improvement/Motivational Suggestions

Tam is a huge self help junkie, always listening to books on tape to help motivate and inspire new ideas. 
Others have done what you want to do, find those people and do what they did!
Here are a few of her favorites: 
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That’s A Wrap!

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