Ep. 211: Hungry All The Time? Swerve? Rest Days? You Asked Some GREAT Questions!

Topic: I recenlty asked for questions on Instagram and Facebook. Listeners did not disappoint and asked some amazing questions for today’s episode.

Episode 211

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes

Of course we catch up on life and I fill you guys in on the latest and greatest to come to Fit Womens Weekly (the nutrition program is almost here!). 

Also, Zoe (my 15 year old pup), had to go to the vet for an ear infection this week. She’s now on ear drops and oral antibiotics. My question is this… like humans, should I give her a probiotic to help her after the antibiotic? Let me know if you have the answer! 

Then it’s all about the meat of the podcast… your questions. 

Question: Are Rest Days Really Required?

Question: Since I’m in my 40s do I have to get sufficient rest days? Or is it OK to just exercise daily still? 

Like most questions this one is a “it depends” kind of answer.

  • How often are you used to working out?
  • What kind of workouts are you doing?
  • How does your body feel?

In regards to being in your 40s… aging doesn’t mean cutting back. If you’re used to working out a set number of days and your body feels great doing it, you don’t need to back down just because you’re a year older.

With your workouts, are you working out intense every day?

If you’re doing HIIT workouts or metcons 7 days a week, then yes, you should likely scale back and give your body time to recover (this is for ALL ages).

But if one day you’re doing yoga or other light workout, I don’t consider these “workouts” and you’re likely getting plenty of rest between the tough days.

One thing is certain… everyone deserves at least one or two days of rest.

Results don’t come during a workout. They come when your body is recovering between them. If you aren’t allowing enough recovery time, you’re not going to see results.


I’m Starving All The Time, What Should I Do?

Question: I feel hungry all the time, what can I do so I am more satisfied and less likely to end up head first in a bag of chips?

Of course there is no way to answer this with 100% certainty, but my guess would be that you’re not eating enough at your meals.

It took me YEARS to break the mindset that women are supposed to eat small meals. We think that to lose weight we have to eat like birds. NO!

Meals should be filling. One meal should be plenty to fill you up until the next one and if it’s not, make sure that you’re eating enough and that the meal has filling properties.

What does this mean? Track for a day and see what your daily intake looks like. If your meals are only 200-400 calories, that’s low and it’s no wonder you’re starving.

Of course everyone is different and requires different calorie needs and macros. BUT we all need calories. 99% of women need to eat over 1500 calories per day (and most over 2000).

If your calories are great but hunger is still hitting, make sure that your meals contain a balanced dose of carbs, protein and fats.

Carbs begin digesting the moment you put them in your mouth, so they don’t tend to keep you full for long. Protein and fats take time and offer more satiety.

Don’t be afraid of food! Just eat REAL food and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

How Do I Fit Everything Into My Workouts?

Question: How should I complete my workout to fit skills, strength, mobility AND my Fit Womens Weekly workouts into each session? 

Great question! 

In the podcast I go into more detail but here’s a rough layout to help plan a workout if you have 45-60 minutes to workout.

0-10 Min: Warm-up with foam rolling and light movements that mimic exercises you’ll be doing. 

10- 30 Min: Strength. If you’re focused on a certain lift like deadlifts, squats or bench… do this before going into a Hiit workout so you don’t fatigue muscles to the point of making your form suffer. 

30-50 Min: FWW workout or other MetCon workout. 

50-60 Min: Cool down and stretch

My Personal Journey

Question: Will you share more about your weight loss journey and what your ah-ha moment was? Also how do you stay motivated to keep going?

The short of the long is I gained A LOT of weight my first year of collage. Someone close to me called me out and I decided to go from one extreme to another. 

My motivation was to be thin. That’s it. I lost weight, then tried to lose more. Never happy. It wasn’t until I found strength training that I realized how amazing it feels to be strong. 

It was an eye opening experience to learn to take a purely weight focused goal and turn to a more performance based outlook. It was freeing and why I decided to become a trainer. 

I stay motivated because I don’t ever want to go back to how I was. I remember being depressed, sad, out of shape. I never want to be that person. Fitness and eating healthy isn’t a short term solution, it’s a lifestyle that makes me feel and look my best. And in terms of exercise, there is always room for improvement. 

That’s why I love it so much. This journey is NEVER over and I can’t wait to see what the years bring.

That’s A Wrap!

As always, thank you for your support! It makes doing these podcast so much fun and worth every minute!

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