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FWW Podcast Ep 175: Crystal Seaver Shares Her Less Is More For Intense Training And Fitness/Racing Success

Guest: Crystal Seaver


Topic: We talk about working out and sometimes it’s okay to not go crazy intense. Sometimes self care like stretching and mobility work can be a full workout.

Episode 175

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Who Is Crystal Seaver?

To look at Crystal, you can tell she’s an athlete. She’s logged half marathons, marathons, 50-ks, 50-milers, and even hundred mile races. But she doesn’t look like an ultra runner… right?

Most ultra runners are stick-skinny and kinda gangly. No offense but when you are running hundreds of miles… it kind of happens. Of course there are exceptions, but Google “pro marathoner” and you’ll see what I mean.

Crystal’s different. This girls has some muscle!

Growing up she was a gymnast. This was her strength foundation.

Running was always a boring way to stay in shape. Something you do to get in a little cardio.

Then everything changed. Someone invited her on a trail run. Trails are different… technical elements, changes in scenery, and the big idea of surviving the run as opposed to trying to crush your next PR.

Running on trails is nothing like running on pavement.

Crystal was hooked. She’s run numerous races included the infamous Georgia Death Race (TWO TIMES). We talked a lot about this race in the show because it’s one that we both know the race director and Dan has expressed interest in it. (Me… not so much).

After learning more about her, we dove head first into training.

Show Notes:

How to train when it’s hot and humid:

  • Listen to your body and know you’re not going to start off with the same paces and intensity that you did in less humid and cooler climates. But the heat makes you a stronger runner for when the cooler weather does come.
  • Always carry a water bottle with you. Duh!… but bring MORE water than you think is needed.
  • Try to pick high shaded areas and avoid the hottest parts of the day.
  • HOT TIP: Grab your headband, dunk it in water, stick it in the freezer in a ziplock bag and place it in a small cooler in your car for AFTER your workout. Genius!

Workouts and Training:

  • To be a fast runner, of course you have to run. But Crystal emphasizes that to be the best runner you have to focus on other areas of fitness.
  • This means accessory workouts that are less intense to focus on mobility, strengthening smaller stabilizer muscles (important for agility and balance on mountain trails) and overall strength.
  • Instead of running miles upon miles and potentially injuring her body, she runs less and focuses more on building a strong body that can race, lift, and move healthy.
  • Listen to your body, slow things down when you need to. Don’t over do running or your workouts thinking you’ll get more from them. You’ll probably just end up injured.


  • I asked Crystal what is it that she hopes to achieve with her social media platform? She wants to inspire others to move more. Stop killing your body in the gym and out. Live a balanced life doing things you enjoy rather than forcing yourself to stay fit.
  • Life is messy. She shares stories of being a stepmom, of being an athlete, of being a personal trainer, and a woman. Her realness is very welcomed in an area where it’s often rare.

Connect With Crystal:

Get more from Crystal Seaver at

(Soon she’ll have her site live at

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