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FWW Podcast Ep 187: Do We Judge Your Grocery Buggy?

Guest: Ashley Drummonds @AshleyDrummonds

Topic: We talk about trainer confessions in regards to what’s in shopping carts. We share workouts, training tips and the best dating apps (tried by Ashley).

Episode 187

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Who’s Ashley:

For those of you new to the podcast, Ashley Drummonds is a personal trainer, entrepreneur (, crossfitter, wine lover but above all, she’s a great friend.

She’s an {almost} weekly guest and I hope you guys enjoy our talks as we look forward to bringing you into our conversations and lives.

Show Notes:

The Best Dating Apps (and dating updates):

  • Ashley’s been online dating off and on for quite a bit, today she shares her favorite dating apps.
  • Bumble, while popular, isn’t top choice because she feels is allows the guys to take the easy way out of planning and doing anything. Those knew, Bumble puts most of the choices in the hands of the ladies!
  • At the moment, Ashley’s favorite dating app is Hinge. She feels the quality of guy is good and so far her dates have been great.
  • We talk about her latest “Pick Up Truck” date. At least that’s what I’m calling him!

Trainer Confessions:

  • I confess something I’m slightly embarrassed by… if a client complains about wanting to lose weight and isn’t seeing results with the help I’m giving her and then I run into her at the store… yes, I notice what’s in the buggy.
  • Trainers notice habits that are beneficial and detrimental to your overall goals and we take note.
  • Eating healthy 100% is ridiculous, but if weight loss is your goal, make sure that your daily habits are in your favor. Sodas, cookies, and processed foods won’t help.


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Let’s Connect:

Get more from Ashley by visiting She’s the coolest.

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