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I’ll show you a new way to workout that will fit your life… and burn serious body fat!

Reset Coaching Videos for Two Reasons…

First, to help you set a workout schedule based on your life… because the only way to get results is to get these workouts done.

Second, to help you workout with me. It’s going to be intense and you need to know what to do when things get hard. I’ll show you how to be successful.

Reset Coaching Videos

5 fully filmed – FREE – workouts

Reset Workout Coaching Videos

Workout Coaching:

I explain every workout in detail. You will never have to worry about not understanding a workout design.

Reset Workout Exercise Demonstrations

Exercise Demos:

I demonstrate proper form for every exercise in the workout so you know what to do and how to do it with good form.

Reset Workout With Me Videos

Workout With Me:

I’ve filmed every workout… every rep… from the first to the last. I will push you… stretch you… and force you to work hard and believe in what you can do!

Reset Email Tips and Tricks

Accountability… Tips… Tricks…

I’m going to email you to keep you on track. You will get some of my simple… yet best… tips and tricks so you get these workouts done.

Remember, you will only get results if you get these done.

Start Your Reset Workouts Today!

This is valued at $29 but I want you to get started for free.

I’m going to show you a new way to approach your workouts… a more intense and effective workout style… and I’m going to help you get your workouts done.

Once you finish the 7 day reset you’ll be super excited to join one of my full programs and finish off a full body… mind… and lifestyle transformation.

This is awesome! So damn freckin awesome!! I was of course, skeptical, about how u could do so much in so little a time. But, day one taught me better. It is sooo good. U feel all reckless after a workout. And I became so crazy about it I did it with so much of energy and passion, I surprised even myself.

– Sahla

I’m in a fitness rut right now and love the challenge of a new program. I committed already by adding 3 kettlebells to my home “gym”. When I saw the length of the workouts, I thought they’d be easy….so wrong! Loved the challenge and the push to keeping up with Kindal. Can’t wait to start the full Strong program!

– Lindsey

These are real reviews of the program. When you login, you’ll see a form to submit your own. I don’t require a picture so most women don’t leave one.
Fit Women's Weekly 7 Day Reset

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