Nike Pro Cool Sparkle Training Tights Review

Welp, it’s officially fall. And I’m not adapting well.

We haven’t seen sunshine in 4 days (which in Charleston is rare), the high temperature dropped 20 degrees since yesterday, and the time change has me wanting to crawl into bed by 8pm every night.

One thing that has helped me to some what adapt is my wardrobe.

When you have clothes you love, it tends to brighten your day, right? I 100% believe that fashion can lift your spirits. Which is why I’ve given my  fitness fashion a mini overhaul lately.

Did you see my recent review on the Nike HyperCool Glamor Capris?

Those capris are still feeling awesome but I also knew I needed some longer leggings for days like today.

Last week Dan and I headed to our outlets to find some layers for his outdoor workouts, but of course I walked out of the Nike Outlet with something too…

Nike Metallic Leggings

These gold Pro Cool Sparkle Leggings were available in silver too which is what I REALLY wanted, but alas, they didn’t have my size.

Luckily, I also love gold and these leggings reminded me of a glass of champagne… so for less than $25, they came home with us.

I can’t find them on the Nike website, but there are on Amazon (Prime!)

And no, I didn’t try them on at the store. I HATE trying clothes on at the store.

Anyone else?

Initial Thoughts

Nike metallic leggings

I loved the metallic swoosh and the shine on the leggings is just enough.

Too much and I would look like a giant OSCAR statue.

I also love the thin waist band.

I own a few pairs of Nike shorts with the same waistband so was pretty confident that I’d be happy with these.

And my last thought… “Yay! Long leggings that have some personality but will most likely not create sweat stains!”

The Sizing/Fit

nike metallic

Like the Glamour Crops, these leggings are true to size. I’m a size XS in Nike and these have quite a bit of stretch and give to them to help provide the perfect fit.

One issue I have with most leggings is around the ankles. I hate loose ankles! As you can see, these fit pretty well around the ankles! They don’t look like a pair of clam diggers like some do on me. Lol.

Please tell me you know what clam diggers are? Just in case… just another name for loose fitting capris (or pedal pushers).

As for the waist…

I LOVE this waist band. I can still fold it over if I want but it’s not so high I feel like I’m wearing 2 sports bras. But I will admit, this isn’t the most flattering band and can definitely give a bit of a love handle appearance.

metallic nike
But to be honest, I’d rather be comfortable with a little love handle than uncomfortable and it all sucked in.

But I know that’s not everyone (or even most) so just putting it out there. 🙂

As for the thickness, it’s just right. No panties needed, no camel toe action going on and full booty coverage…

Oh the things I do for you guys. Lol, this is perhaps the most unflattering photo I’ve purposely taken.

Gold Nike Leggings

Workouts & Sweating

Squats, movements and sweat stains…

They passed it all!

I even went for a short run and they stayed up! Isn’t it the worst when your leggings sag down mid mile?

No sweaty crotch, no falling down my thighs and no movement restrictions. I had a GREAT workout in them… to be honest, I had two awesome workouts in one day and they made it through both.

gold nike leggings

The Total Score?

For less than $25, these leggings are definitely worth it.

They aren’t the softest or MOST comfortable legging I have (That goes to these), but they are definitely worth every penny I spent.

I can’t wait to wear these for our New Year’s workout. Yes, I’m already planning my workout attire for the holidays!

Overall, I’d give them a 8/10!

What brand of fitness clothes have you been wanting to try?

Grab Your Leggings & Do The Workout Test

The best way to test out new leggings is to do an intense workout in them! 

I get so excited to workout when I have a pair of brand new leggings/shorts/capris/etc. And I don’t want to test them with just any old workout… but a workout that will really put them through all the tests!

If you’re going to do it, might as well do it right!


If you want to learn more about how to workouts… and you want workouts where you can put these leggings to the test… 

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