Nike Pro HyperCool Glamour Women’s Training Crops Review

It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

Do what? Test out athletic wear! Who doesn’t love getting new clothes?

Since fitness is my job, I live in leggings and sports bras 7 days a week.

I think wearing fitness clothes every single day gives me the clout to share what to look for in a good pair of leggings!

Yup, I’m a qualified fitness attire tester and today I’m sharing a review on my newest pair of capris.

Fall in Charleston means it’s no longer shorts weather but it’s also not quite leggings weather.

Capris are my go to for this time of year but finding new pairs has been tough.

Recently, Dan forwarded a Nike ad to me with these capris on the cover.

The Nike Pro HyperCool Glamour Crops

I’m like a fish… if it shines, I’m all about it! Shiny delivers a little bit of sexy and an aura of confidence.

Black leggings/capris are safe… who likes safe?

I love color and different textures. With a $35 price tag, I tossed them in my cart.

Nike Pro HyperCool Glamour Capris

Initial Thoughts

As soon as I opened the package, I loved how silky smooth they were.

I also noticed that the color was a bit more rose gold than what the image on the site depicted, but I didn’t mind the color. In fact, I thought it was really pretty and different.

As for the shine, they are just as shiny as depicted on the website!

And another plus… the mesh backing on the calves. I’m sure the product description probably included this detail but I didn’t pay attention, so it was a fun surprise! Mesh is always the bomb for comfort and breathability. This particular mesh almost feels like panty hose, super soft and not wirey.

So far… two thumbs up!

Nike Pro HyperCool Capris

The Sizing/1st Try On Thoughts

These sexy capris are true to size.

I’m a consistent XS in NIKE and these were no different.

They hug the body in all the right places without feeling too constricted or too loose.

Anyone else have issues finding bottoms that are tight around the ankles/calves?

These are definitely HIGH waisted. Which I’m not a huge fan of.

I prefer low riding capris for comfort but few leggings come low rise and actually stay up, so luckily, the waist band can be flipped down (which is what I do when I’m lifting). And for running, the high band is a plus, no crotch falls!

The material, while extremely smooth and soft is pretty thin. What does that mean? They aren’t forgiving for things like cellulite or panty lines.

And finally… the crotch.

These don’t have a very thick crotch liner and should come with a warning of: Could Cause Camel Toe.

Dan said he didn’t notice anything (and he’s 100% tell me) but I was thinking about it while taking pictures of squats and core exercises.

Of course if you’re on “Team Thong” for leggings, you won’t have to deal with that… I for one, am on “Team Commando”.

I looked at all the pictures we took and didn’t see anything showing so maybe it’s just a weird thing I’m self conscious about?

Single Dumbbell Between Legs

Workouts & Sweat

Squats, movement and sweat stains… those are the things I test for during workouts.

Here’s how these handled the pressure:

Did they pass the squat test?

Yes! With flying colors.

Squats, lunges, downward dogs… there was nothing showing through.

As for the workout, I was able to move and the silkiness felt great. I was never overheated or felt constricted which I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about this with the high waist.


Nike Pro HyperCool Glamour


But the sweat…

Yup, it showed through and turned the rose gold to more of a darker mauve. Crotch sweat and butt sweat were definitely on display by the end of our session.

I’ll be real with you… this doesn’t change my mind.

If you want to wear colored, shiny leggings… it’s something to be expected. If I was completely put off by sweat, I’d wear black ALL THE TIME. Ugh, but that’s so boring.

There’s also the fact that exercise makes you sweat. That’s just life. But I do understand that for some it’s embarrassing. If that’s you, then these are not for you.

Nike Pro HyperCool Capri Review

The Ultimate Grade

On a scale of 1-10, I’m going to give these a 8.

For the price, these are AWESOME and the only reason I deducted points was due to the thinness of the material (I don’t like worrying if my hoo-ha is giving a show).

I’d love to know…

Single Sided Dumbbell Floor Press

What’s your favorite brand of capris?
I’d love to try them out!

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