Ep. 198: Sassy Dietician Laura Ligos On How To Let Diets Die & Still Hit Your Body Goals

Guest: Laura Ligos


Topic: We cut through the BS of dieting and nutrition to share what we should be focused on when it comes to weight loss, performance and more.

Episode 198

by Kindal Boyle | Fit Women's Weekly Podcast

Show Notes

As a kid and young adult, Laura suffered from heart burn, allergies and asthma.

Since she was a high level competitor swimmer, clearly that wasn’t ideal and she began her passion with nutrition to see if she could improve her symptoms through food.

This was the start of her drive to become the sassy dietician she is today.

Why sassy?

Because she doesn’t sugar coat things (pun intended), she shares her opinion and is a forever student.

In the podcast, we talk about…

Why it’s so hard for nutritionists to stay up to date with new findings and science. I.e… why are some RD’s so old school?

And how she stays up to date on the latest and greatest research.


The DL On Nutrition!

There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition but there is a skeleton for success.

Eat real foods as much as possible, stop with the diet mentality and yes, perhaps cut back on the gluten even if you aren’t gluten sensitive.

One thing I love is her emphasis on what diet actual means…

A way of eating. If you were to talk about what dog’s eat, you’s say something like, “my dog’s diet looks like…”

But when we talk about ourselves, diet is used as a term of deprivation and transformation.

According to stats, did you know that 50% of women claim to be on a diet at any given time? And that on average, women will go on 16 diets in their lifetimes!? Isn’t that crazy?

So it’s no wonder that we’ve killed our metabolism and we make it harder on ourselves to drop weight.

Don’t worry, Laura sheds some light on how to get started if weight loss is your goal.

Move On!

I heard Laura recently on the Girls Gone WOD podcast and loved when she brought up a certain point. I was even more tickled (yes, tickled) that she highlighted it here too.

“If you fell down a set of stairs, what would you do?”

Likely, you’d stand up (assuming you’re not hurt), dust yourself off and get back to climbing.

You’re not going to stand up and throw yourself down the rest of the staircase, right?

Then why do we do that with nutrition?

We have one bad meal and say, “F-it. I’m giving up and eating the whole damn cake!”


Instead take the staircase approach.

Eat the cake slice, wipe away the crumbs, and get right back on the healthy nutrition bandwagon.

This is most definitely the cliff notes version of the chat. In fact, there are so many important takeaways to help you be successful with your diet (as in… your nutrition).

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