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Here’s What Some of My Studio Clients Say…
fit womens weekly success story

Beth – A TOTAL Transformation

Beth has been a member at my studio for a long time. Beth has had a TOTAL transformation.

It’s a lot more than just weight and body image. It’s her love for fitness and how it has become a pillar in her life. Exercise, strength, eating healthy keep her grounded and give her the fuel for everything else she does.

Beth has lost over 140 pounds total. But more importantly, she has kept it off. In fact, she continues to improve upon herself. I think that is something a lot of women are missing. Once they find some success, they either stop exercising altogether… or they stop trying to progress.

Beth is a great example of always trying to be stronger than yesterday and how that makes burning fat and keeping it off easy.

Plus she shows that even if you hate fitness now, if you stick with it, you’ll start to LOVE it.

fit womens weekly success story

Alex – Pure Strength

Alex was a member of one of my satellite boot camp locations. She was a member and I didn’t know her for a long time.

Yet, when she started taking some advanced kettlebell and weight classes, that’s when I met her. She has always been strong, but through her hard work, we took her strength to the next level.

Her latest accomplishment was finishing top 30 in the nation in a Strong First kettlebell strength competition.

She shows that once you fall in love with movement, fitness, and strength… nothing can hold you back. She’s an amazing woman!

fit womens weekly success story

Julie – Weight Loss, Health, Determination

Julie was a huge transformation. She lost over 40 pounds in only a few months. Normally I don’t like fast weight loss like that. It’s typically too hard to maintain… but Julie proves it can be done.

The difference was she committed to eating healthy and consistent exercise. And nothing was going to get in her way. Not even temptation.

She also had huge determination. She committed to doing things like pullups and succeeded.

I just saw her again after a year and a half and she still looks great. She has still be living her fitness and being healthy.

Julie proves that if you really want it bad enough… with consistency nothing can hold you back.

fit womens weekly success story

Kim – Weight Loss & Strength!

Kim combines both a weight loss transformation and a serious strength transformation. She lost somewhere in the 30 pound range and that’s when things really got interesting.

Her new confidence lead her to kettlebells and she became a true kettlebellista badass.

She moves all over the country with her husband (who’s in the military) and no matter where she is (Maine currently)… she lives her fitness.

She now has her own health blog and takes fitness seminars to learn more even though she’s not a trainer. It’s awesome to see that.

Kim proves that if you push hard you can discover untapped potential proving to yourself you are more capable than you ever thought. The best transformation.

fit womens weekly success story

Tracey – Consistency Through Life’s Challenges

As you can see, Tracey gained a lot of weight. She is an interesting story because a lot of her weight gain was due to hormones and menopause… obviously something a lot of women deal with.

But Tracey was different she focused on her health. In her fitness life, she started working out with me and got into strength training. But that’s not all she does. She also runs and even uses fitness as a way for her and her friends to hangout. They go to a weekly Zumba class together.

Along with the intense strength training she does with us, she’s incredibly smart with her nutrition. She has become a big time meal prepper. She preps her entire week on Sunday and for her it works.

Tracey is someone who shows consistency, strength training, and not getting down on yourself is key. You are always in control. Just be consistent and patient.

fit womens weekly success story

Donna – Consistency and Strength

Donna has lost over 40 pounds! She did it through good eating habits and by staying consistent with her strength training.

Donna knew that strength was vital at her age. Not just for energy, but for bone health, joint health, and gracefully aging. And she didn’t do anything special… just a consistent workout habit of always showing up.

And when she paired that with her improved eating and nutrition habits, there was nothing to stop her.

Donna has kept all of her weight off as well. Again it’s about consistency and knowing that this is truly a lifestyle and not something you do for a little bit.

More Amazing Women Showing Their Strength!
fit womens weekly success story
Kelsey has always been small in her body type. But when she started with us, she wasn’t strong. That changed quickly. She worked really hard, gew some muscle and endurance. Again through consistency.
fit womens weekly success story
This is an other picture of Jess. She still looks great. She lose over 20 pounds for her wedding in this picture. She had a goal and did what it took. She still trains with me and I think she’ll keep progressing better and better.
fit womens weekly success story
Gloria is a small woman. Short and tiny, but she fell in love with weight training and kettlebells. Above she’s doing a get up with a kettlebell. With consistency and patience she got strong and developed muscles.
fit womens weekly success story
Julie is my sister-in-law and she’s a great story because she lost over 30 pounds and got back into athletic shape. She has since had two children and kept her weight off. Again, it’s consistency and making those new habits.
fit womens weekly success story
Jennifer lost lots of weight too. But again, it’s the strength change that’s amazing. She got into kettlebell training and fell in love with it. The empowerment she created in herself is awesome. And she’s kept her weight off too!
fit womens weekly success story
Jeanette is a good friend. She was always really fit. But through our workouts and style, she got stronger. She recently just finished biking from Miami to Key West! Another story of always styaing with the lifesyle no matter what.
fit womens weekly success story
Brenda was one of my first clients ever. She lost a lot of weight as you can see. But again for her it was about strength. She couldn’t do a single pushup when we started. By the end she was knocking out dozens with ease. Awesome!
fit womens weekly success story
Mollie lost A LOT of weight. She also had that transformation where whe fell in love with fitness. It’s part of who she is. That’s why she has always kept her weight off and continued to get fitter and stronger.
fit womens weekly success story
This is an older picture of Elizabeth. She looks even better now. She is good story of how fitness changes you slowly. She is always consistent and recently she completed her first half marathon. She has already signed up for a second one.
fit womens weekly success story
It’s a small picture, but Courtney lost over 40 pounds. And I’ll say it again… it’s still about the strength transformation. She got strong and it empowered her to do all sorts of things like a half marathon and obstacle courses too.
fit womens weekly success story

Rhonda – Leading The Charge!

Rhonda was one of my very first phone coaching members. That was a long time ago. I actually don’t even offer phone coaching at the moment.

She was really into the typical fitness DVDs and she was in great shape. The only thing I did was help her realize there is a different way to workout. A way to more strength.

It didn’t take long for Rhonda to transform her strength. She fell even more in love with fitness and now she’s a trainer leading women to healthy, stronger bodies. I can only imagine how awesome it must be to be in her classes.

Rhonda proves that there is always a next level that can unlock a completely new potential and paradigm. Test your limits!

fit womens weekly success story

“Kindal is smart, funny and thoughtful. Her blog is like the New Yorker of healthy living blogs. If you don’t want formulaic fitness, give Kindal a read. She’s topical without being trendy and motivational without moralizing. Awesome blog! Over the year that I’ve read Lifting Revolution, Kindal and I have become real life acquaintances. I appreciate how open and real she is.”

Julie R (a real blog reader)

All of these stories of success and strength are not typical. Most women join a studio or program like Fit Women’s Weekly and do nothing. Joining it only the first step. You must then ACT. Everyday you must do something to move you closer to your goal. In this case, that’s working out… eating healthy… and staying mentally strong. If you can do that, you will be featured here.
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