Fit Women's Weekly

Why Does Fit Women’s Weekly Work?

Because FWW confronts the three biggest challenges women face on a daily basis…

Challenge #1 – Time

Tick… tick… tick… tick…

You are busy. No question.

That’s why ONE ROUND of every workout in FWW lasts on average 10 minutes when you workout with me.

Ten minute workouts are nothing new.

How I design them is. I call them Micro High Intensity Training Sessions.


Notice I said… ONE ROUND. Because if you can… you should do two or three rounds of a workout.

My BIG Idea…

My MicroHIT design gives you control to get a workout DONE based on your day.

Rather than skip your workout on busy days… get one round done.

On days when you have more time, do two or three rounds.

Here’s the secret to long term success:

Commit to gettin at least one 10 minute round DONE on your workout days.

It’s that simple because this is how you build a repeatable exercise habit.

FINALLY… Build a workout habit that’s automatic.

Challenge #2 – Getting an Intense Workout

Sweaty… burning… gasping…

One round of a workout (lasting 10 minutes) allows you to push the intensity to the edge.

And I make sure you get there because I’ve filmed every workout from the first rep to the last.

It’s not easy keeping up with me during a workout.

But I teach you how to workout with me so you progress quickly and safely…

Even if you struggle to keep up with me in the beginning.

Every time you workout with me, you’ll get a little faster… a little stronger… so by the end of eight weeks you’ll be a completely new woman.

This level of intensity is fun, it’s torches fat, builds lean muscle, and shapes the athletic body you’ve always wanted.

FINALLY… Get the results that only come from being pushed hard.

Challenge #3 – Overcoming Obstacles

Training… coaching… support

Life will not cooperate. Obstacles will pop up… tempt you… and try to keep you from hitting your goals.

You can’t make this journey alone. Nobody does.

This is why every member of FWW has access to me (and my trainer husband Dan) in our private Facebook Group and coaching page.

Are you exercising but not seeing results?

Are you getting frustrated because you’re pushups aren’t improving?

Is your shoulder bugging you and you don’t know why?

Tell me about it and I’ll help you solve the problem so you get back on track and succeed.

Real example #1…

Kindal, I’m not getting the swing down. Can you look at my form? I’ve uploaded a video.
Awesome! Yeah you are not far off. The first thing that jumped out at me is your kettlebell is going too low between your legs. It has to be extremely close to your hips.
And I would also have a little more knee bend when you’re in your hip hinge. This will load your hamstrings better and take pressure off your back from doing work.

Real example #2…

Kindal, my wrist has been bothering me and so has my elbow when I do pushups.
Okay. I can’t be 100% sure but most of the time this is inflammation on the top of your forearm… towards your elbow. This is actually the common carpal tunnel inflammation and if you work it out with a trigger ball… it goes away.

FINALLY… Stop letting obstacles defeat you.

It’s Time To Take Control… And Get Results!

Get Access To EVERY Program Inside

Join Fit Women’s Weekly monthly for only $19.95 per month and access to every program. This includes the private coaching Facebook Group and updates. Start your 7 day free trial.
Programs Included: BBC, Strong, Ignite, Fierce, and more!
Fitness Level: True Beginner to Very Advanced
Total Workouts: 155 and counting
Equipment: Bodyweight, bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells
Workout Location: Anywhere

Ignite: Beginner Training

A 6 week beginner coaching program. You will learn proper exercise form, how to move better, and how to build an exercise habit that burns fat and gets you seriously strong.
Time to Complete: Approximately 6 weeks.
Fitness Level: True Beginner
Total Workouts: 25
Equipment: None – Dumbbells if you have them.
Workout Location: Anywhere

Body Burn Challenges

A 12 week bodyweight and dumbbell program designed to ramp up your workout intensity while helping you build an unbreakable workout habit.
Time to Complete: Approximately 10 to 12 weeks
Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced
Total Workouts: 65
Equipment: None – Dumbbells if you have them.
Workout Location: Anywhere

Strong: Kettlebells Level 1

A 12 week kettlebell program designed to teach you correct kettlebell technique with all 8 fundamental exercises. Then test your skills with workouts that will shed fat and build the most strength you’ve ever had.
Time to Complete: Approximately 10 to 12 weeks
Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Total Workouts: 41
Equipment: At least one kettlebell. Recommended 2 kettlebells.
Workout Location: Anywhere if you have bells. Gym or studio if you don’t.

There’s More! Visit My Workout Page to See Everything!

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