Body Burn Challenges Program

Body Burn Challenges

A bodyweight and dumbbell program that takes 8 to 12 weeks to fully complete. When you’re done, you will have accomplished three goals:

Goal 1: You’ll have burned pounds of unwanted body fat and added considerable strength. You’re body will be showing more definition.

Goal 2: You’ll learn how to exercise better plus how to use my MicroHIT philosophy to build the ultimate workout habit.

Goal 3: You’ll be prepped and ready for a more intense, hardcore program like Strong or Body Burn Amped.

3 Ways To Join

Join Monthly
Join for the Year

Who is the Body Burn Challenge for?

This is for women who workout on a regular basis but aren’t getting the results they want.

It’s for women who have gym memberships but don’t know what they should be doing at the gym.

It’s for women who take fitness studio classes but want to keep training hard on their off days.

It’s for women who want a plan to follow and who want a real trainer (me) to help support them to success.

If it’s been more than 3 months since you last worked out… this program is not for you. Checkout Ignite.

What’s Included In The Body Burn Challenges

A Huge 65 Workout Library

7 arm workouts – 11 leg workouts – 14 core workouts – 33 total body workouts.

Each workout is fully filmed from start to finish… over 13 hours of workout video.

Workout timers, interval timers, and rep counting is included in every workout.

Workout coaching videos so you know what the workout is all about before you do it.

Full exercise demonstrations in the workout coaching video.

Plus exercise gifs for quick reference.

Never Be Without a Workout Again!

Absolutely MicroHIT Workout
Double of Nothing MicroHIT Workout
And Go MicroHIT Workout
Burpee Revenge MicroHIT Workout
Blast Off MicroHIT Workout
Gams MicroHIT Workout
Bootyful MicroHIT Workout
Going Down MicroHIT Workout

Plus 57 Additional Workouts!

4 – 30 Day Training Plans:

Each plan is 30 days to keep it short, manageable, and engaging.

Each plan also uses only a select number of the available 65 workouts so as you progress to other plans, you always have something new.

I layout the workout I want you to do on which day… if you should multiple rounds or stack the workout with another workout form the library.

I’ve laid out optional rest days and mobility days so you can let you body recover. It’s these rest days when results truly happen.

COMING SOON: You’ll be able to order a physical book including the training plans, the tracking sheets, and a full exercise dictionary from the program.

Body Burn Focus 30 Day Training Calendar
Members Only Facebook Support Group

Private Facebook Support Group:

Have a question about an exercise? Show me and I’ll help you correct for or with modifications.

Have an old injury that restricts your movements? Tell me and I’ll help tweak the workouts so you know what to do instead.

Are results not happening like you believe they should? Let’s look at what you’re doing together and figure things out.

Do you need to just share your journey to stay accountable? Write about it… share what you’re doing and all of us will cheer you on.

Did you hit a huge milestone? Explain how you did it and overcame your obstacles so you can inspire other women to follow in your footsteps.

When and wherever you need support, you can get it.

Don’t have or want to use Facebook? No problem. You get access to a private email address where you can talk directly to me for any question or help you need.
Rejuvenate Mobility and Flexibility Recovery

Bonus 1: Rejuvenate

One of the biggest issues women face is mobility, flexibility, and recovery.

The lack of mobility causes tight muscles which affect your exercise. Tight muscles also affect your ability to recover.

Rejuvenate consists of seven mini-mobility routines. Each will help you restore a full range of motion across your most important joints.

Everything from cervical spine to lumbar spine, hips, and even your feet are covered.

These mini routines last only 5 minutes. They’re designed to be used throughout the day or right after a workout.

Plus Dan will teach you about trigger ball therapy. Once you learn about trigger balls, you can kiss almost all pain goodbye.

Plan Smart Eat Real Nutrition Coaching

Bonus 2: Plan Smart Eat Real

This is a limited time bonus. I want to get 75 members into my new nutrition program so I can gather feedback… make any improvements… and get some testimonials.

So if you purchase Body Burn Challenges or join Fit Women’s Weekly, you will get Plan Smart Eat Real for FREE… for life.

This is a 12 week nutrition coaching program. Click the button below if you want to read more. Once I get the feedback I need, it will sell for $97 or an additional $10 per month ontop of the current $19.95.

Join Fit Women’s Weekly And Start Body Burn Challenges Today!

Purchase Body Burn Challenges

One payment of


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A lot of women prefer to purchase a program and own it forever. No monthly payments or anything like that.

If that is you, this is your plan. You can purchase Body Burn Challenges for only one payment and have access to it forever, including upgrades.

Plus you’ll never lose access to the private Facebook Group if you decide to purchase a program outright.

65 fully filmed workouts
Tracking sheets for every workout.
Every workout has it’s own coaching video.
Full video and ‘gif’ exercise breakdown.
Four 30 day training calendars to follow.
Exercise timers and rep counting
Access to private Facebook Group forever
Access to Plan Smart Eat Real (limited).
Free updates for life.

Monthly Membership

Per Month


Click here to learn more
Our monthly option is unique. You get access to every single workout program I offer for only one low monthly price.

This includes the private Facebook Group and any updates or new programs I add to the site.

You are in control of your account. You can cancel at any time, upgrade, downgrade… whatever you want.

As long as you’re an active member, you’ll have full access to all workouts. If and when you cancel, you will lose access.

Your monthly price will never go up either. Once you’re in, you are in.

Currently 135 total workouts.
Tracking sheets for every workout.
Every workout has it’s own training video.
Full video and ‘gif’ exercise breakdown.
Multiple 30 day training calendars to follow.
Exercise timers and rep counting
Access to our private Facebook Group.
Access to Plan Smart Eat Real (limited).
Free updates during your membership.

Yearly Membership

For 12 Months


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When you join for the year, you pay once for all 12 months of membership. You save 10% by doing this.

You get access to every workout program and if you’re part of the next 50 members, you will also get access to Plan Smart Eat Real coaching.

This membership includes the private Facebook Group and all updates and new programs I add to the site during your membership.

At the end of your year, your membership will NOT auto renew. If you want to continue being a member, you will have to resign up.

Currently 135 total workouts.
Tracking sheets for every workout.
Every workout has it’s own training video.
Full video and ‘gif’ exercise breakdown.
Multiple 30 day training calendars to follow.
Exercise timers and rep counting
Access to our private Facebook Group.
Access to Plan Smart Eat Real (limited).
Free updates during your membership.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Take 60 days and use program. Workout with me… follow two of the plans… talk to me on Facebook… and if you still think Fit Women’s Weekly isn’t worth what you paid, let me know and I’ll refund you.
1. What equipment do I need?
You don’t need any equipment if you don’t want to use any.

This program is designed as a bodyweight program with the exception of two workouts.

Even with just your bodyweight, this program is very demanding.

You can easily add in dumbbells and I have a full dumbbell guide to help you do this.

You’ll learn new ways to use dumbbells and get more from every workout.

2. Is this program at my fitness level?
If you took the Fitness Analysis and I told you this program would be good… yes, it is at your fitness level.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy though. You will have to push hard and you should expect to be challenged.

This is why you get access to me for training help too.

If you every feel this program is beyond your level, you can get a refund or switch to another program. Just let me know in our Help Desk.

3. How much time does this require?
You need to be able to commit to doing one round of a MicroHIT workout on your workout days.

That’s the only time requirement I expect.

One round of a workout lasts about 10 minutes.

It’s more important to build a workout habit that lasts than it is to workout for long periods of time.

Ideally, I want you doing two round of a workout every workout day.

But this will come in time.

4. I'm more advanced, will this challenge me?
Yes. You will be challenged.

But I think you’ll need to make sure you always workout with me.

I will push you hard and if you can keep up with me, you will get the challenge you deserve.

If you join and it’s not demanding enough for you, you can get a refund or switch to harder program like Strong.

5. What if I don't like it?
You can ask for a refund.

I know my programs won’t be for every type of woman and that’s okay.

Just request and refund and I’ll cancel your account and make sure you get your money back in 3 to 5 days.

6. Will I be rebilled automatically?
Only if you choose the $19.95 per month option will you be rebilled automatically.

If you purchase Body Burn Challenges, you pay one time and own it forever.

If you join for the year, your account will be placed on hold after 12 months and you can either reactivate it… downgrade… or purchase a program.

You are in control of your account.

7. Are you really going to be the one helping me?
Yes, my husband Dan (who is also a trainer) and I created this site and we will be the ones answering your questions personally.

Hopefully we will grow and if so, you will meet the new teammembers we add.

But you can always rest assured if we add new people, they will be certifed trainers and not random assistants.

Beth Transformation
Tracey Transformation
Kim Transformation
Julie Transformation
Rhonda Transformation
I used to be a DVD addict. I met Kindal when I found the very first fitness website she put up.

I did phone coaching with her and she helped me discover a new style of training that was faster… more demanding… and a lot more fun.

I transformed my body and fell in love with fitness. I’m a personal trainer now and helping women in my community get fit and strong!

– Rhonda, TX

fit womens weekly

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